Ford Australia has announced local pricing and specifications for the MY24.5 Ford Ranger ute and its Everest large SUV sibling ahead of local arrivals in the coming months with production due to start in March. Ford has added more standard equipment to both ranges, while it has also removed some slow-selling models from the lineup, like the Ranger XLS 4×2 and Everest Trend RWD. Pricing on all models – bar the XLS, which now has previously-optional packages as standard – has remained at MY24 levels with the Ranger priced from $36,880 +ORC and the Everest from $53,990 +ORC.

MY24.5 Ford Ranger Platinum

“Because reversing a trailer requires you to turn the steering wheel left to make the trailer go to the right, it can be difficult to get your head around, even if you’ve done it loads of times,” said Zack McIntyre, advanced driver assist systems engineer, Ford.

“With Pro-Trailer Back Up Assist, you can ‘steer’ your trailer down a boat ramp quickly and easily or position your camper perfectly every time.”

MY24.5 Ford Ranger Trailer Backup Assist

The big news with the MY24.5 Ford Ranger and Everest models is the arrival of a feature called Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which debuted locally in the F-150. Pro Trailer Backup Assist, basically automatic parking of the vehicle with a trailer attached, is standard on the Ranger Wildtrak, Platinum and Raptor and part of the optional Touring Pack on the 4×4 XLT and Sport pick-up variants. For the Everest, it will be available as part of the Touring Pack on the 4WD Trend and 4WD Sport, replacing the formerly optional zone lighting and stand-off roof rails that are now standard equipment. It’s also part of a new Pro Towing Pack on the Everest Platinum, which adds the content of both the Pro Trailer Backup Assist and Towing Pack.

Ford Australia has also added more equipment to select grades in the lineup, with the Ranger XL adding the previously-optional Heavy Duty Suspension Pack with thicker rear springs and new front and rear dampers with a revised tune for those who regularly carry heavy loads in the tray. The Everest Trend and Sport have added zone lighting and stand-off black roof rails as standard, which were previously part of the Touring Pack on the 4WD Trend and Sport models, and unavailable for 2WD models.

The XLS 4×4 – which is now the only available XLS spec thanks to the removal of the 4×2 variant – has seen a big boost in equipment thanks to the standard fitment of both the Towing and Touring Packs, adding features like a tow bar and tongue assembly, an integrated trailer brake controller, extended blind-spot monitoring trailer coverage, dual-zone climate control with rear air vents, a larger touchscreen with satellite navigation, keyless entry with push button start and body coloured door handles.

While the company has added new features, it’s removed some models for a more streamlined model range. The Ranger XL bi-turbo dual-cab chassis 4×4, XLS 4×4 and XL bi-turbo super-cab pick-up 4×2 are no longer available, the special edition Wildtrak X is no longer in production and the Everest Trend RWD has also been culled from the lineup. Finally, the Flexible Rack System that featured on the Ranger Platinum and Wildtrak X is now available optionally on the Wildtrak and Sport for $2,800, replacing the sports bars that are standard on both those models.

MY24.5 Ford Ranger pricing (plus on-road costs):

  • 4×2 XL single cab chassis: $36,880
  • 4×2 XL super cab chassis: $39,380
  • 4×2 XL double cab pick-up: $43,280
  • 4×2 XLT double cab pick-up bi-turbo: $56,190
  • 4×4 XL single cab chassis bi-turbo: $47,980
  • 4×4 XL super cab chassis bi-turbo: $50.480
  • 4×4 XL double cab chassis: $48,980
  • 4×4 XL double cab chassis bi-turbo: $52,480
  • 4×4 XL double cab pick-up: $50,880
  • 4×4 XL double cab pick-up bi-turbo: $54,380
  • 4×4 XLS double cab chassis bi-turbo: $57,380
  • 4×4 XLT super cab pick-up: $61,390
  • 4×4 XLT double cab pick-up: $63,390
  • 4WD XLT double cab chassis V6: $65,690
  • 4WD XLT double cab pick-up V6: $67,590
  • 4×4 Sport double cab pick-up bi-turbo: $65,890
  • 4WD Sport double cab pick-up V6: $70,090
  • 4×4 Wildtrak double cab pick-up bi-turbo: $69,390
  • 4WD Wildtrak double cab pick-up V6: $73,590
  • 4WD Platinum double cab pick-up V6: $79,390
  • Raptor double cab pick-up EcoBoost V6: $89,190

MY24.5 Ranger options:

  • Flexible Rack System (Sport and Wildtrak): $2,800
  • Lift and slide canopy (factory fit): $4,500
  • Dual lift canopy (factory fit): $4,700
  • Commercial canopy (factory fit): $4,700
  • Manual roller shutter (factory fit): $3,000
  • XL wheel centre cap kit: $50
  • Towing Pack (XL): $1,900
  • 4×4 XLT/Sport pick-up Touring Pack: $1,650
  • AUX switches (XLT cab chassis): $350
  • Wildtrak Premium Pack: $2,000
  • Power roller shutter (Raptor): $3,800
  • 4×4 XL Wheel Pack: $900
  • 4×4 XLT/Sport Wheel Pack: $700
  • Wildtrak Wheel Pack: $750

MY24.5 Ford Everest pricing (plus on-road costs):

  • Ambiente RWD bi-turbo: $53,990
  • Ambiente 4WD bi-turbo: $58,990
  • Trend 4WD bi-turbo: $66,790
  • Sport RWD bi-turbo: $63,490
  • Sport 4WD V6: $72,490
  • Platinum 4WD V6: $79,490

MY24.5 Everest options:

  • Towing Pack: $1,900
  • 4WD Trend and Sport Touring Pack: $2,500
  • Pro-Towing Pack (Platinum): $2,900
  • Trend Premium Seat Pack: $1,100
  • Ambiente third row: $1,200
  • 4WD Ambiente 18-inch wheel and all-terrain tyre pack: $1,350
  • 4WD Trend all-terrain tyres: $700

The MY24.5 Ford Ranger and Everest will enter Australian showrooms later in 2024. Stay tuned to DiscoverAuto for the latest automotive news and reviews.

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