The current Peugeot 508 was launched in 2018 and it stunned people with its drop-dead good looks proving you don’t need to spend six figures to have a piece of art on wheels. It also proved you don’t need a supercar or sports car to feel special.

Starting with the front of the car there is that lovely chequered grill showcasing the Peugeot logo, either side of that are the swooping headlights with their teeth like daggers going down towards the bottom of the bumper, these double as daytime running lights and indicators. The 508 badge sits proudly atop the Peugeot badge, the bonnet lines give off a masculine effect whilst the side fenders are slightly puffed out over the wheels emphasising the masculinity of the car. Comparing the front of the car to a Mercedes C-class, the C-class has no chance. The current C-Class front has been around for a few years now and the Peugeot is just more angular beautiful.

Going down the side of the 508 the blacked-out window frames and side mirrors give off an elegant soulful look while hiding the B-pillars, at the back of this feature there is a small 508 badge sitting proudly on the C-pillar. The body line underneath that gives a bit of girth to the car while making the side profile even more elegant. The roof line of the fastback traces down into the boot lid and the small inbuild spoiler. In the wagon variant the black roof rails add some more stealth to the side profile while the rood goes into a small boot lip spoiler at the top giving off a sporty vibe. The side profile of the 508 doesn’t even compare to it’s competitors as they all sort of look the same, whereas the swooping roofline of the 508 is gorgeous.

The rear of the 508 wagon with its gorgeous tail lights and the P E U G E O T lettering in silver above the Peugeot badge looks, in my opinion better than the fast back but that’s not saying the rear of the fast back is particularly ugly as it has a lovely sculptured tail lip on top of the boot lid with the back centre portion of the lights encompassing the Peugeot badge. The rear of the bumper adds a touch of depth showcasing the 508’s load capacity.

The interior is as pretty as the exterior showcasing Peugeots new user interface and design language. The gear stick es an ergonomic palm held shifter that naturally fits in the hand. The dash seems to hug the driver with the silver air vents angled toward the driver. The two spoke steering wheel with GT embossed into the bottom aluminium section feels great to touch with its bolstered grips and paddles behind the steering wheel. The infotainment systems shortcut tabs under the screen feel and look like piano keys which give a sophisticated feel to the cabin. The cross stitching in the sports seats with the body bugging bolsters hug around you while driving and cause you not to roll around in the bends.

Overall the Peugeot 508 is a piece of modern art with a car thrown in for free, the swooping lines of the interior and exterior make you melt inside. It is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous model and in my opinion takes the crown for the best looking family car sold in Australia.

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