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2019 Ford Focus Trend
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2019 Ford Focus Trend Used Car Review

The 2019 Ford Focus Trend was Ford's small car competitor in Australia, combining a punchy engine and good dynamics. Should you consider it?
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Subaru BRZ used car review (2012-2016)

When Subaru and Toyota joined forces to make an affordable rear-wheel drive sports car the motoring world celebrated, but after all those years, is it still a good buy in the used market? We found out by takin...
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2013 Fiat Panda Easy Used Review: A Quirky Choice?

In 2019, the Fiat Panda was the best-selling car in Italy due to its small size and quirkiness. But when the Panda was introduced in Australia in 2013, it survived just two short years before being killed off ...
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2008 E92 BMW M3 Used Car Review: Bargain Performance Buy?

Introduced in 2007, the E92 BMW M3 was revolutionary. Unlike the previous six-cylinder E46, the E92 was powered by a thumping-great 4.0-litre V8. It was arguably less focused but still very, very fast. The ...
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2011-2016 Kia Rio Used Review

The third-generation Kia Rio was a stark departure from its no frills predessor, winning hearts of consumers acorss Australia. Does it stack up 9 years on?