A YouTuber by the (unique) name of Captain Gaskrank has published an onboard video of his stock 2020 Toyota Yaris GR racing through the Nurburgring.

The video, uploaded earlier this week, shows the 200kW/370Nm, three-cylinder, all-wheel drive hot hatch completing the bridge-to-gantry (BTG) section of the Nurburgring in an impressive 7min 56sec lap.

The Toyota Yaris GR features a suite of engine and chassis enhancements over the standard Yaris, and appears to be intent on upsetting the hot hatch status quo.

While this is not an official lap time recorded and published by a professional racing driver, either authorised and measured by Toyota or an accredited party, the sub-8 minute lap time is still a notable feat considering the foggy weather, ambient temperature (6°C), and (relatively) unknown credentials of the driver. Not to mention the vehicle’s compact dimensions and tiny footprint!

While there are many differentiating factors when comparing unofficial, enthusiast-recorded BTG Nurburgring lap times – such as differences in weather and ambient temperature, tyre quality, traffic density, vehicle specification, and driver skill – a quick YouTube comparison reveals just how impressive the Yaris’ time is.

When filtering search results for the lowest lap times on YouTube, we found a current Volkswagen Polo GTI will do the bridge-to-gantry loop in 8min 27sec, a 2018 Ford Fiesta ST in 8min 03sec, and a rear-wheel drive (F22/F23) BMW M140i in 7min 54sec.

Thankfully, Toyota announced earlier this year that Australian consumers will receive the Yaris in full-blown 200kW/370Nm GR specification – albeit at a cost of $49,500, plus on-roads (for non-promotional vehicles).

Surprisingly, the announcement triggered an unexpected (and aggressive) level of local demand, quickly flushing Toyota out of the original 1,100 units it had in stock; a figure Toyota allegedly expected would last for 12 months.

Toyota has since announced both the planned introduction of a harder, more driver-focused version of the 2020 Toyota Yaris GR – dubbed Yaris GR Rallye – due in early 2021, and the manufacturer’s consideration of importing additional Yaris GR units.

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