Volvo Cars has revealed the 2024 Volvo EX40 and EC40, which are newly-renamed versions of the current electric XC40 Recharge and its C40 coupe sibling. Now fitting inline with Volvo’s new electric car lineup with the smaller EX30 sitting below them and the larger EX90 sitting above, the EX40 and EC40 replace the XC40 and C40 in the lineup and have been given mild updates to coincide with their new names, including an available power upgrade and new Black Editions.

According to the company, “The fully electric XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge models are renamed to EX40 and EC40 respectively, now seamlessly fitting in with our other fully electric models: the EX30, EX90 and EM90. The XC40 name remains for internal combustion-powered variants of the model.”

“The move reflects our transformation towards becoming a fully electric car manufacturer. In 2023, fully electric cars represented 16 per cent of our global sales volumes, an increase of 70 per cent versus 2022. The EX30, EX90 and EM90 will all hit roads this year and bring the number of fully electric models in our product portfolio to five, with several more new models to come.”

For the 2024 Volvo EX40 and EC40, Volvo has launched a new performance software package for dual motor variants, which increases the total power by 25kW to 325kW. It also includes new pedal mapping for quicker accelerator response and a unique ‘Performance’ drive mode to unlock the full 325kW.

The company is also not abandoning its mild-hybrid models, with improvements to the XC40 and XC60 mild-hybrid variants giving a 5 per cent improvements in emissions and 2 per cent improvement in fuel economy on the WLTP cycle. There are also new Black Edition variants for the XC40, EX40 and EC40 with Onyx Black paint, charcoal microtech or textile interior trim and gloss black exterior highlights for the badging and 20-inch alloy wheels. Volvo has also dropped the ‘Recharge’ branding globally for its electric and plug-in hybrid models.

Volvo Cars Australia is yet to confirm when the 2024 Volvo EX40 and EC40 will launch in Australia. Stay tuned to DiscoverAuto for the latest automotive news and reviews.

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