Like with most cars approaching the middle of their life during their lifecycle, the Toyota Camry has come in for a mid-life facelift. Toyota has refreshed the design of the 2021 Toyota Camry inside and out, given the car improved safety features, a new touchscreen inside along with numerous technological improvements being the scenes.

The Toyota Camry remains a fan favourite in Australia. It has been our best selling sedan since the demise of the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore a few years ago now and continues to be popular with both fleet buyers and private buyers alike.

Externally, the changes are extremely minor, with Toyota aiming to not change a winning formula. Changes are mainly limited to lightly larger fake air ducts in each corner of the front bumper for sportier models, with other versions have a different bend in the lower part of their bumpers.

Luckily, the changes are more pronounced on the inside with the infotainment screen now being perched high up, in the middle of the dash, mimicking a tablet. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will continue to be standard.

Whilst the Toyota Camry sedans already comes well equipped with a full suite of advanced safety tech, including radar cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, blind zone warning, rear cross-traffic alert, and speed sign recognition, the 2021 Camry is able to read these signs and automatically adjust its travelling speed to match the posted speed limit.

Perhaps most importantly for Camry buyers is that Toyota has done substantial revisions to the Hybrid system. With Camry Hybrid sales accounting for over half of all Camrys sold, the Camry hybrid’s battery pack has been substantially improved.

The current 245V nickel metal hydride battery pack will be replaced with a a vastly newer and more efficient 259V lithium-ion battery pack which takes up much less space in the Camry and should improve the car’s range and performance when using electric power alone.

Pricing has not yet been revealed for the updated Camry, expect a report from us closer to the car’s arrival in the first half of 2021.

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