Following a rather rocky launch of the updated ‘Highland’ Model 3, Tesla Australia has finally informed eager customers that 2024 Tesla Model 3 deliveries are expected to resume next week after a temporary halt initiated on 17 January 2024.

The interruption was attributed to a technical compliance issue, and although Tesla assured customers that deliveries would recommence within weeks, a resolution to the compliance problem is now in progress. A classic case of under promising and over delivering? So it seems.

Tesla communicated to its customers, expressing satisfaction that the compliance issue necessitating the delivery pause is nearing resolution. In an email to customers, the company stated, “We are pleased to advise that we are finalising this matter by ensuring access to the vehicle’s rear-centre seat top-tether restraint anchorage point.” The company anticipates resuming deliveries in the coming week, with priority given to fulfilling existing orders.

2024 Tesla Model 3 seat

The interruption was linked to the updated Model 3 lacking an easily accessible top-tether point in the rear-centre position without the need for tools or modification, as mandated by the Australian Design Rule (ADR) 34/03. The previous Model 3 had access to all three top-tether points in Australia.

ADR 34/03 specifies, “Clearance shall be provided around each ‘Upper Anchor Fitting’ to allow latching and unlatching, without the use of tools, of the ‘Attaching Clip’ to the ‘Upper Anchor Fitting’ when it is installed in the vehicle.”

Tesla has yet to detail its method for ensuring access to the anchor point and has not confirmed a recall to address the issue in previously delivered vehicles. We expect the fix is set to include a new parcel shelf with a new cutout, and a new flap to access the centre anchor point.

Some customers have already received updated delivery dates, with the earliest set for 27 January 2024. For new orders, 2024 Tesla Model 3 deliveries indicate a timeframe between February and April 2024.

In a similar incident in 2022, the BYD Atto 3 faced a technical compliance issue with its rear middle top-tether point, leading to a delivery pause. BYD’s local distributor, EVDirect, had to suspend deliveries for several weeks until a resolution was implemented, including recalling previously delivered examples to rectify the issue.

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