Toyota Australia has confirmed that the 2021 Toyota Mirai will be headed down under in the first quarter of next year. An initial allocation of 20 cars is set to be used by select government and business fleets, the launch of the Mirai will coincide with the construction of a new hydrogen filling station in the Melbourne suburb of Altona, near Toyota Australia’s headquarters.

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said the introduction of the second generation Mirai is the next step in achieving local acceptance of FCEVs, following trials of the first-generation model by a wide range of clients (including councils and utilities companies) since 2016.

“Toyota is committed to accelerating the popularity and diversity of electrified vehicles that reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution,” Mr Hanley said.

“The best way to demonstrate the long-term viability and environmental benefits of hydrogen-powered fuel-cell electric vehicles is to supply cars to local industries and governments that share our vision of a zero-emission future,” he said.

While the first-generation Mirai toured Australia in 2016 as part of a campaign to launch interest in the alternative fuel and was sold in select markets globally, the second-generation will be initially used by some government and business fleet users in some cities in Australia.

The fuel is still extremely rare locally and so far, only one filling station exists nationally – at Hyundai Australia’s headquarters in Sydney. But the first public fueling station is due to be opened soon in Canberra where a fleet of Hyundai Nexo SUVs are waiting for this important milestone before being delivered to the ACT government. More filling stations are planned for Melbourne and Brisbane as well.

The second-generation 2021 Toyota Mirai is now based off the company’s TNGA platform and unlike its predecessor, is rear-wheel drive. Toyota has improved the car’s packaging and fitted three hydrogen tanks, as well as adding a fifth seat. The car’s styling is less radical than the first model, and its interior is far more luxurious. Pricing for each car is under secrecy but understood to be around $100,000.

Drivetrain details about the 2021 Toyota Mirai are yet to be announced, however its range is estimated at around 650km, and it can be refueled in under five minutes.

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