Available for US, Canadian and Mexican markets, the Mazda 3 has sprouted a new turbo variant with its 2.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine outputting 186kW and 434Nm when run on US-rated 93 octane – close to the equivalent of Australian 98 octane petrol.

Sadly, Mazda Australia’s lips are sealed as to whether we will see the new model in Australia.

Mazda Mexico was first to officially confirm that the Mazda3 range is set to feature the company’s 2.5-litre turbo-petrol over a week ago now. USA and Canada have now followed a few days later in confirming the new variant.

Previous reports suggested that the new engine would be good for 170kW and 420Nm. These outputs apply to the engine when run on lower octane fuels (91 or 95 octane locally).

A YouTube video uploaded by Mazda Mexico shows that the new engine will feature in high end models of the existing Mazda3 range, and not in a dedicated hot hatch version akin to the MPS variant that existed up to 2012.

The video shows that the new 2.5 turbo engine will be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The car in the video seems to mirror the existing GT and Astina models offered in Australia, with black 18-inch alloy wheels shown, a black grille and surround at the front, black side mirrors and window trims, and a black rear spoiler and apron.

Should this new engine make its way to Australia, it will be something of a unique offering locally by Mazda Australia. Most hatches this powerful are considered hot hatches, and they usually feature firm suspension, big wheels and expensive tyres making them not as financially sensible as their more pragmatic stablemates.

Mazda Australia remains to tight lipped as to whether the new 2.5 turbocharged engine will make it to our shores or whether the variant will be an overseas-only model at this stage.

What we do know, is that the engine would be rather popular locally, complementing what is already one of the finest small cars in the segment.

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