Oh how we wish that the word Coronavirus or COVID had never entered our dictionaries this year. As countries around the world continue opening up, expect Australia to follow suit as we strive to live with COVID-19 until a vaccine is found.

Apart from practising good social distancing and personal hygiene, it’s important to also see the ways in which we can keep our cars clean and COVID free. With sales of new cars still down and the economy reeling from low spending and closed industries, it’s important that we all do our part to stop the spread.

Clean Covid-free Car

To help minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19 in our community, be sure to follow our simple tips below when cleaning your car:

  1. 1. Grab your favourite microfiber towel, along with some warm soapy water. No need for any harsh spray and wipe cleaning sprays here.
  2. 2. Start off by wiping all of the many high contact surfaces in your car, such as the interior door handles, all of the majour controls including the steering wheel, gear shifter, light and wiper controls and seat-belt buckles.
  3. 3. Disinfectant wipes work very well on infotainment touchscreens and buttons. A damp cloth can be used to wipe of any residue to leave a streak free shine. If in doubt be sure to check your car’s owner’s manual for products to avoid when cleaning sensitive areas such as electronics.
  4. 4. Next up, wipe down the dashboard, the door cards where you place your arms whilst driving, armrests, cup holders and grab handles, along with any surfaces that might get sneezed on.
  5. 5. Don’t forget to clean the keys themselves as well along with any accessories which you might have int he vehicle.
  6. 6. Wear gloves when you’re cleaning and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning.

When on the road here are some practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of catching COVID-19 or spreading it:

  • 1. Keep a pocket sized bottle of hand sanitiser handy with you in the cupholders and sanitise your hands every time you step in our out of the vehicle.
  • 2. Limit the passengers in your vehicle as much as possible to maximise social distancing. If you are sharing a vehicle in states which allow you to legally travel with others not from your household, ensure that any passengers are seated on the diagonal opposite in the back seat of the car.
  • 3. When refuelling your vehicle, make sure to sanitise your hands after handling fuel pumps or any other surfaces outside your car.

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