Like most other manufacturers selling cars in Australia, the 2020 BMW range pricing has been increased due to “factoring in the exchange rate, inflation and changes to material costs”. There have been no changes to the standard specifications of each car. The prices below are the recommended retail price (RRP) of each car – the drive away price varies in each state and territory. 

2020 BMW 1 Series

The 118i has jumped from $42,990 to $45,990, a $3,000 increase, while the M135i is now $68,990, a $4,000 increase from $64,990.

2020 BMW 2 Series

The only 2 Series model to not be affected by the price increases is the range topping M2 CS which remains at $139,900. The base model 218i GranCoupe has had a $2,000 increase from $47,990 to $49,990, while the 220i Coupe has jumped $1,500 to $56,900. The convertible version of the 220i has jumped $2,200 to $64,900. 

The performance models of the 2 Series have also had a bit of a price increase as the new M235i GranCoupe has gone from $69,990 to $72,990, while the ageing M240i coupe and convertible have had a $2,300 and a $2,900 price increase and are now priced at $81,900 and $91,900 respectively. 

2020 BMW 3 Series

Pricing for the 3 Series sedan and wagon have increased as the 320i, 330i, 330e and 330i Touring (wagon) have all increased by $3,000 – they’re now priced at $68,900, $74,990, $81,900 and $78,900 respectively. 

The performance-focused M340i xDrive is now priced at $108,900, a $4,000 price jump from its original $104,900 asking price.

2020 BMW 7 Series

All variants of the BMW 7 Series have increased by $5,000. The 730d and 740i have jumped to $204,900, while the long wheelbase 740Li jumps to $234,900. The hybrid 745e is now $209,900 and the V8 powered 750i xDrive is now priced at $277,900. The range topping 448kW V12 M760Li has had its price jumped from $378,900 to $383,900. 

2020 BMW 8 Series

The relatively new BMW 8 Series range has had a price jump from $2,000 to $5,000. The base 840i has had a price increase of $5,000, the coupe is up to $222,900 from $217,900, the convertible variant is now $204,900 from $217,900 and the GranCoupe is now $204,900 up from $199,900.

The V8 M850i coupe has had a $2,000 increase from $275,900 to $277,900, while the convertible and GranCoupe variants of the M850i have had a $5,000 increase from $284,900 to $289,900 and from $272,900 to $277,900 respectively. 

The range topping M8 Competition coupe and GranCoupe are up $5,000 with the coupe now priced at $357,900 and the GranCoupe $354,900.

2020 BMW Z4

All three variants of the BMW Z4 will receive a $3,000 price increase – the sDrive20i M Sport is now priced at $87,900, the mid-spec sDrive30i M sport $107,900 and the range-topping straight-six Z4 M40i is now $127,900.

2020 BMW X1

The smallest SUV in the BMW range has had a price increase too – the entry sDrive18i is $2,400 more expensive at $46,900, the sDrive20i gets a $1,400 increase to $49,900, while the sDrive18d and zDrive25i both get a $2,000 increase with the former now at $46,900 and the latter now at $64,900. 

2020 BMW X2

The X1’s more stylish sister, the BMW X2, has had the smallest increase of the models affected with each variant only increasing by $500, The entry level sDrive18i is now priced from $47,900 and the sDrive20i is now $56,400. The range topping 2020 BMW X2 M35i has jumped from $69,400 to $69,900.

2020 BMW X3

One of the most popular current BMW models has also had a price hike, although the range topping performance model the X3 M Competition remains at $157,900. The sDrive20i, xDrive20d, xDrive30i and xDrive30d have all increased by $3,000 – this makes the sDrive20i $69,900, the xDrive20d $71,900, the xDrive30i $81,900 and the xDrive30d $88,900. The 2020 X3 M40i has had its price increased by $4,000 making it now priced at $109,900 from the previous price of $105,900.

2020 BMW X4

The BMW X4 has had similar increases as the xDrive20i and xDrive30i are now $80,900 and $89,900 respectively. The X4 M40i is up $4,000 to $117,900, though the flagship X4 M Competition remains at $164,900.

2020 BMW X5

Like the X3 M and X4 M, the X5 M Competition’s $209,900 price remains unchanged. However, the rest of the range has had increases by up to $3,000. The entry level xDrive25d is now priced at $102,900, while the xDrive30d and xDrive40i see an increase of $2,000 to $119,900 and $117,900 respectively. The hybrid X5 xDrive45e and V8 X5 M50i have both received a price rise of $4,000 to $133,900 and $155,900 respectively. 

2020 BMW X6

The BMW X6 sees a $2000 price hike for the xDrive30d and xDrive40i models, taking to $123,900 and $126,900 respectively, while the V8 M50i gets a $4,000 increase to $159,900.

2020 BMW X7

The largest SUV in the BMW range receives a price increase across the board with the xDrive30d price increasing by $5,000 to $133,900 and the V8 M50i up $4,000 to $179,900.

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